• Portraitist Oree Originol Honors People of Color Killed by Law Enforcement, 2017, Documentary Short (Role: Director, Producer, Editor)
  • The Time Traversing Sound of the Black Spirituals, 2016, Documentary Short (Role: Director, Producer, Editor)
  • Discover the Hands Behind Nik Sharma’s Food Photography, 2016, Documentary Short (Role: Director, Producer, Editor)
  • Women Dancers Redefine Oakland's Street Dancing Scene, 2015, Documentary Short (Role: Director, Producer, Editor)


  • A New Color, 2016, Documentary Feature (Role: Assistant Editor)
  • San Francisco’s City Hall Illustrated by Jeremy Fish, 2016, Documentary Short (Role: Editor)
  • Gladys, 2014, Narrative Short (Role: Editor, Cinematographer)
  • A Fragile Trust, 2013, Documentary Feature, (Role: Assistant Editor, Associate Producer)
  • From the Ground Up Shorts, 2013, Documentary Series (Role: Editor)
  • Prayers of the Ancient One, 2013, Documentary Feature (Role: Contributing Editor)
  • Holy Crap!, 2012, Documentary Short (Role: Editor)
  • The Capital Buzz, 2011, Documentary Short (Role: Editor)


  • 'Boolander' Bamboo Bike to Bring Eco Sense and Eccentricity, 2017, Documentary Short, (Role: Field Producer)
  • UTURN, 2017, VR Narrative Series (Role: Line Producer)
  • Eye, Camera, 2016, Documentary Short (Role: Co-Producer)
  • A Conversation with Black Women on Race, 2016, Documentary Short (Role: Associate Producer)
  • All Roads Point Home, 2015, Documentary Short (Role: Associate Producer)


  • The Conversation Doc, 2015, Documentary Series (Role: Impact Producer)
  • American Promise, 2014, Documentary Feature (Role: Impact Producer)
  • F R E E, 2014, Documentary Feature (Role: Impact Producer